• Terms and Conditions

        Personal Information

        Founded in January 2018, by Mr. Vinay Tuli who also founded Nalini Trade Links Pvt Ltd, Mr. MS Ansari and Mr. Ajay Tuli, Nearpins is an "Online Local Search Engine" specially made and designed to uplift local shopkeepers, local service providers and local market as a whole. We provide them with a central platform to sell all kinds of products online; and, for service providers to provide online services and serve local customers. On the other hand, users can use the platform to shop products from local shopkeepers/ Shutterups and book services from local service providers/ Hardease.

        Service Overview

        For registration, we may collect the following information about you- Your name, which includes your first name and your last name, your email address, phone number, contact details, your demographic profile which includes- name, age, gender, education, occupation, home address etc. We also collect data and get accessed to the links or sites that you visit, and how many times you have visited it.


        Currently, we are available only for specific regions or states that we have allotted to function. Our service runs on a 24 hour basis. However, the delivery of the products or services depends on the terms of our partners who are our registered shopkeepers and registered service provider. We asked our users to read their terms and conditions when requesting for services or shopping for products. But this does not limit our users from using our platform and shop whatever and whenever they want.

        Who can access nearpins?

        Anyone who is "Incompetent to contract" that is under the Indian Contract Act 1972 is not eligible to use the site. Children who are under the age of 18 but above 13 years of age can also use the site under the guidance of the parents. However, if you are a minor and have parents who are registered users, can get accessed to Nearpins. Any notice of unauthorized or fraud user, we will automatically block the particular account.

        For other information regarding who can access the site, please read Privacy Policy of the site. (please attach the privacy policy link here. )