Are you a neighborhood shopkeeper? Do you want to increase your business using online technology? Well, you have a good opportunity at your table! Register with our Online Search Engine, Nearpins and experience impressive business growth.

What does Nearpins provide you?

Nearpins provides you with the technology or the platform to showcase your products online and start selling like any other online store.

You will receive orders from your local or neighborhood customers using today's Artificial Intelligence (Google maps, search location etc)

The products that you are displaying on your shop as well as on Nearpins cannot be found on any other online shopping sites. This gives the shopkeepers the power to have control over his own products: and, it can also avoid customers' exploitation.

There are also multiple payment options that you can allow customers to proceed with their orders.

Options are also available for shopkeepers to add any product or any category they want

Nearpins also has a driver app that makes delivery easier and convenient

All you need to do is register on the site by giving all your valid information and sell like never before.

Following is a policy that every merchant has to follow. Failure to work as per the policy will result in the termination of service.


As Nearpins is concerned about the security of the sellers and the smooth function of the site, there are some rules and regulations that the sellers have to follow. These rules are made in order to prevent frauds, disruption, misused of property or any suspicious element that violates others' rights, property, and sentiments. Followings are some of the rules that sellers have to abide and shall govern and control Merchant Member; the Merchant hereby agrees:

1. Merchant's obligation

2. Use of Trademarks

You agreed that the name, logo, tagline or any specific trademark are all your originals. this is to ensure that you have not copied others' trademarks or services and violation of such is against the rules and regulations that may also lead to legal issues. If there is any suspicion of someone doing so, you can report to us by writing to or you may also go through other procedures as per government laws. The seller also agreed that the service with the site will be terminated if he/she violates the trademarks rules.

3. Online Payment Service

On receiving payments directly from the customers online, you agreed that you will not misuse any information about the card or bank account provided by the customers. Regarding any amount that you pay to the site, in the process it fails may be due to any reason or the

information provided by you is wrong, the site does not take any responsibility. In connection with credit card processing on the orders placed with you on the Site by the customers, we will pay you the amount using the applicable Payment Method. As a courtesy, we may, from time to time, give Site users an option to pay a gratuity for the delivery Of an Order Gratuities will be remitted to you and, without limiting anything set forth herein agreed that shall promptly pay in full to your delivery personnel any and all sue' gratuities.

4. Legal Process

You hereby agreed that everything that you provide on the site is true. There is no violation of any person's property or matter. You agreed that you will use the site in accordance with its rules and regulations. You agreed that you not using the site to cause harm, disruption or any sort of disturbance to other sites. You agreed that you are not using the site for fraud services etc. You hereby acknowledged and agreed that you are using the site without limiting anything set forth herein and without limiting or affecting any of our rights at law or in equity.

5. No Liability or Indemnification

This is to ensure the seller that the site does not take any responsibility regarding any loss that you incur. The site provides the best for the safety and the security of the seller, but it is at your own risk that you want to register in the site. In case of any downfall of sale or poor performance of the shop, the site is not responsible for any matter.

6. Term, Termination, and Survival

The seller agreed that he will work using the site up to the time that he had agreed to. The term this Agreement shall commence on the date Set forth in the signature block on the applicable Order Form and shall continue until terminated by either party. In addition, we may suspend any services hereunder at any time with or without notice. Following termination of this Agreement, Merchant's listing and Delivery List will be reasonably promptly removed from the Site.

7. Marketing

This is to ensure that the seller agreed to display our promotional and displaying materials in their physical shops including flyers or cards registered in the site. You also agreed to use the materials provided by the site in the right way- paper bags, stickers, flashcards etc. During the term of the agreement, you agreed that you shall not directly or indirectly, provide services that, in the reasonable judgment of the site compete with or that may compete with the ones provided by the site.

8. Miscellaneous

The site has its own rights, remedies, and obligation. We may from time to time modify the service or rules and regulations given in the site. The agreement shall be abiding upon the benefits of both the site and the seller. You acknowledge that from time to time we may record your service with the customers every now and then. This whole agreement contains your obligation with us and you accepted that you will use the site subject to the term of use posted on the site.