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About Nearpins ?

We are living in the world of technology in which everything that we do and whatever we need has been made easy and convenient for us. Especially, as we cope with our livelihood and rush to our different fields of work, we have less time to take care of other things that we need. Nearpins is an 'online local search engine' that aims to uplift neighborhood shutterups/ shopkeepers and give them a central platform to sell all kinds of products online.

Founded in January 2018, Nearpins was inspired by the thought of providing a complete shopping solution from the best neighborhood shop to the urban customers. A unique window for shopping from a wide range of shops.

Why Shutterups?

Nearpins has renamed local sellers as shutterups. But, the question is, 'why shutterups?'. The reason being is that 'sellers/shutterups' here, do not include all kinds of sellers, but those who are having actual physical shops.

The coming of giant e-Commerce stores has made it very difficult for neighborhood shutterups to survive. The trend of online shopping has changed people's shopping behavior which in return has resulted in the decrease of sales of shutterups. Buyers often go to neighborhood stores to check for the product that they want to buy but turned to online stores to shop due to offers and sales. Therefore, Nearpins motive is to give shutterups the freedom to choose which products they want to display in their stores. Those products that shutterups have will not be displayed anywhere online in other e-Commerce stores. This gives shutterups the power to have control over their own products; and, it can also avoid visitors' exploitation.

Nearpins provides a platform for all kinds of local shops; whether it is a grocery store, vegetable shop, chemist, electronics, mechanical, restaurant etc., there is always an equal opportunity for all shopkeepers to sell their products using the site.

How does Nearpins work?

Allows all kinds of shutterups to register and start selling online

Options are available for shutterups to add any category or any product they want

Sell to nearby customers

Grab the opportunity to increase sales by creating their own promo codes

Notifications are sent via emails and messages

Multiple options for payments and a unique delivery platform

Available on iOS, Android, and nearpins.com

Allows customers to shop from nearby stores

Explore varieties of products and categories

Make payments at your doorsteps

Our Aim

Our aim is to provide a business growth for local and small shopkeepers who are not aware of the latest technologies and who are not able to invest a lot of money to promote their shop. We aim at giving equal opportunities to all local shopkeepers as well as building a trust between traditional shopkeepers and customers.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide the technology in hands of Local Shopkeepers for whom selling their products online is a challenging task because of financial limitations. Also, bringing back the “Pados Ki Dukan” concept in which the customer can buy the products of their daily needs online from their nearby stores.