• About Nearpins

        Founded in January 2018, by Mr. Vinay Tuli who also founded Nalini Trade Links Pvt Ltd, Mr. MS Ansari and Mr. Ajay Tuli, Nearpins is an "Online Local Search Engine" specially made and designed to uplift local shopkeepers, local service providers and local market as a whole. We provide them with a central platform to sell all kinds of products online; and, for service providers to provide online services and serve local customers. On the other hand, users can use the platform to shop products from local shopkeepers/ Shutterups and book services from local service providers/ Hardease.

        Shutterups/Shopkeepers| Hardease/Service Providers| Users/Customers

        Who are Hardease?

        Hardease is another term for the local service provider. Nearpins allows all kinds of service providers to register and start receiving service requests from online customers. Hardease connects thousands of local customers with local service providers and makes the process of receiving and providing services conveniently. Services include- plumbing service, cleaning, wedding and events, website development, personal care, business and taxes, laundry service, home, and interiors etc.

        How it works

        This is a very user-friendly platform that service providers can connect with local customers. Besides getting online support, Nearpins executive reaches them, helps register and trains on how to operate the app/dashboard. Via the App/panel, service providers can directly receive service orders from customers and contact them directly. There are other beneficial features like- checking status, enter work charges, and multiple payment options.

        How Hardease benefits to service providers

        • Online Presence: Having an online presence can help service providers receive more and more service requests. People with busy and hectic schedules often search for the easiest way to get service.
        • Quick Service Request: Get service requests at any time from local customers and increase profits.
        • Serve Locally: Serving locally does not consume much of the travel time-taken; easily serve local customers.
        • Faster growth: Expand the business by allowing the service to be found online; and, pitch for extra earnings from the customers depending on the service.

        Nearpins’ Users/Customers

        Nearpins brings the best platform ever for local customers. Being a local online marketplace, Nearpins connects local customers with local shopkeepers and local service providers. Customers can explore all kinds of products and home services from your local outlets. Shop and Hire whenever they want.

        Thousands of products available- groceries, vegetables, accessories, bike parts, medicines, electrical and many more. And, search for all kinds of service providers- plumbing, cleaning, washing, maintaining etc., present to fulfil your requirements.

        A few benefits:-

        • Available Locally: Shop from your nearby stores and hire a service provider from your local area.
        • Quality Products & Services: Compare online through customers' reviews and comments and explore varieties of products and services available! Multiple options to choose the best as per your needs and convenience.
        • Transparency : You can also track the status of both the product as well as the service. Options available to check product delivery status, work process and completion.
        • Quick Services: As present locally, you can get your products delivered quickly at your doorstep as well as your work is done instantly.
        • Optimum cost: Grab exciting and attractive product offers from local stores. Pay only a minimum or no delivery charges depending on the product and the distance taken.